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We are a woman of color led boutique consulting firm working at the intersection of advocacy, politics, and government to deliver high impact results.

We work to drive impactful change on a national scale by reshaping organizations, providing wrap-around support for leaders of color, and writing and executing strategic plans. We utilize our network of communications professionals, coaches, and allied firms to provide you with the ability to scale up for large projects and critical deadlines.

We believe that your name is your reputation and so we have built a company that reflects those values.

Meet Betsy Lin

Founder of Beelinning Strategies

Betsy grew up the proud daughter of immigrants in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout her life, Betsy has often found herself in the role of the interpreter and connector, and these threads continue through her work. Betsy can effectively navigate and shape the national political landscape, with a deep commitment to community-based grassroots leaders and building bridges between different world views. When she’s not working, you can find her on her surfboard in search of the perfect wave.